Examples of tree afflictions we can address:

    • ​Ash Borers (including Emerald Ash Borer!)
    • Pin Oak Kermes Scale
    • Aphids
    • Japanese Beetle
    • ​Asian long-horned beetle
    • Pine tip moth larvae
    • Carpenter ants
    • ​Flatheaded Borer
    • ​Hackberry (Nipple) Gall Psyllids
    • Oak Gall Wasp
    • Bronze birch borer
    • Elm leaf beetle
    • Various Lepidoptera pests
    • Spider Mites
    • Bagworms
    • Pine Wilt Nematodes
    • ​...and More

Season 1 (April 1-May 10)
Preemergent weed control and slow release fertilizer
(Broadleaf weed control included if needed) _____________________________________
Season 2 (May 25-June 25)
Grub control and slow release fertilizer.
(Broadleaf weed control included if needed) _____________________________________
Season 3 (July 1-Aug. 10)
Extra slow release fertilizer and micronutrients _____________________________________
Season 4 (Sept. 10-Oct. 15)
Fall fertilizer and broadleaf weed control

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of specialized systemic injections for the ailments affecting your trees. These treatments include insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics, and combination products.  

We also provide excellent tree and shrub trimming, with immaculate and quick clean up.

Other Lawn Services

    • ​Anthracnose
    • Fire Blight
    • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
    • Diplodia Tip Blight
    • ​Dutch Elm Disease
    • ​Oak & Pine Wilt
    • ​Verticilium
    • ...and more!

*Straight pre-emergent weed control

*Straight grub control

*Turf Renovation
*Straight broadleaf weed control
*Winterizer fertilizer 

*Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance
*Nightcrawler control 

*Turf Biostimulant 

Since 1982, AB Tree & Lawn is Central Nebraska's most trusted and reliable source for your lawn and tree care needs.


  • Live on a waterfront property? Try some environmentally friendly erosion control with coconut fiber (coir) log installation.
  • Tired of bugs invading your home and outbuildings? We can apply an insecticide perimeter spray that stops the invaders in their tracks.
  • Small scale landscaping rock and bark/mulch installation.
  • ​Don't see what you're looking for, or have more questions? Please ask, we may be able to help.  Except lawn mowing. We don't do that.

​Nursery Stock: See Nursery Page; With our own nursery and access to Nebraska's best wholesalers, we will provide you with the trees, shrubs, and perennials that fulfill your unique vision.

*For free quotes or price lists of services, please see the "Contact Us" page above, and shoot us an email or phone call!

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    • ​​We specialize in chlorosis (iron deficiency) treatment seen in Oaks, Maples, Birch, Ash, etc. Trees exhibiting stunted, anemic growth, and yellow leaves, often indicate chlorosis.
    • Our "mediject" chlorosis remedy provides healthy green leaves in a few weeks, and lasts 3-4 years!
    • Systemic fertilizer can also correct Zn, Mg, Mn, K, and P deficiencies.

*For free quotes or price lists of services, please see the "Contact Us" page above, and shoot us an email or phone call!

Other Services