• Lacebark Pine
    • ​5' to 6' single trunk
    • 5' clump
  • Popcorn Shrub
    • ​5'-6' clump
  • Camperdown Elm
    • ​5'-6' with 3" caliper
  • ​Dwarf Columnar Golden English Elm
    • ​5'-6' with 2" caliper
  • Blue Spruce (Blue Wonder & Royal Knight
    • ​​4'-5' expected by 2018

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Since 1982, AB Tree & Lawn is Central Nebraska's most trusted and reliable source for your lawn and tree care needs.

The Lacebark Pine is versatile as it is stunning.  It functions well as a windbreak or focal point of your landscape.  Camouflage-like bark exfoliates in plates, resulting in eyecatching display, especially so when wet.

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Our nursery is located in Fullerton, NE, and can be seen in person on a limited, appointment only basis.  We specialize in beautiful lacebark pines, found virtually nowhere else! If you do not see what you want here, rest assured that we can deliver and plant for you the crème de la crème of Nebraska's best wholesalers.